You take your business seriously………but are you 97 or 100?

I have worked through many different situations around hospitality and surrounding industries over the last few decades. From high end to low, as temp worker and director. As I have experienced the different aspects of this vast industry it has come to my notice there are basically 3 types of business.

There are businesses that exist solely with the owners, shareholders or sometimes even staff in mind or a combination of the 3. These businesses regardless of size do not have the guests or customer first and foremost in mind. The guest is merely a component of the whole, rather like the often described crowd at a rock concert. Merely another facet of the day of those involved. Rolled on like the speakers or interacted with like the tour bus or limousine.
Your experience with these businesses is down to pot luck and whether you have a good experience or not, no one is going to bat an eye lid till it shows up on a spreadsheet. Probably not even then.

Then there are those businesses who strive to make everything as excellent for the guest or customer as possible within the bounds of what they have available to hand. Often by force of character and sheer energy rather than the minute analysis, planning and organisation 100% takes. These are the businesses that have not pulled out all the stops of their abilities and so are always going to have two or three guests falling through the cracks. I call these the 97% businesses. They’re usually great, but there’s always that lingering possibility it’s not going to work for you on the night, and who wants that on a wedding day, special anniversary or significant purchase.

Finally, there are those who pull out all the stops to ensure that 100 out of 100 customers have an excellent experience with no genuine concerns that management nor personnel could have avoided. These are the businesses that are truly on their game and forge platinum status in our minds.

So, are you 97 or 100?