• August 22, 2017
      by admin

    Fly Like A Pro: 1. Eat Right - Prevent or minimize jet-lag by eating carb-rich foods. Opt for warm over cold foods for easy digestion. 2. Drink Water - Hydration takes the top priority when air travelling - drink up! 3. Say No To - Caffeine and alcohol - both stimulants and dehydrators. Drink

  • July 28, 2017
      by admin

    I was sitting in the kitchen in our place in Fulham a couple of years ago talking to a nice lady who came from Brazil, married to a Portuguese man and lives in Northern Spain. She was working in the NHS as a Doctor in Brighton. She explained they were very busy but moral

  • July 27, 2017
      by admin

    Well do you? Puzzled, having to think about it for a while. Is it a flat no !! One of the greatest lessons I ever learned in hospitality and life was from a belligerent, Brit bashing chicken wing stuffing work shy. But I learned it, I learned it well and I always give him