MY LUTON food recommendations

George and I have been doing business in Luton for about 18 months now and I just wanted to put a few words down on my finds regarding food, drink and where you can get it.

The Iceland store on Park Street (handy for both our locations) is great for regular supplies and has a good frozen microwave meal section which can be very useful when staying in our studio’s.

Also the market within the Mall at our end has some great cheap eat café set ups and a fantastic fruit and veg shop plus a fully happening fish mongers. The market has a great diversity of stalls which I suspect could be amazing value if you’ve been anywhere near London in the last 50 years. Keep an eye out and we’ll do some FB lives on this to explain further.

M & S with full food hall is at our end of the Mall too, so you do have a decent wine outlet and higher end ready meals.

Restaurant wise we’ve checked more than a few and these are our recommendations. My advice with all is be firm, clear, a little patient and the service should get you fed, and the food is good. The prices are very good too.

La Dolce Vita, Park Street.
Very good traditional Italian food. Great portions.

The Great Northern, On the Bute Street pedestrian area.

This is a pristine pub from the 70’s and 80’s run by an absolute gentleman who will welcome any visitor from out of town I’m sure. An lovely pub experience from yesteryear. Don’t be put off by not being able to see in from the street.

The Mona Lisa, Guildford St.
Lovely simple husband and wife Italian, great food.

Wammimichi Japanese Noodle Bar. Park Street.

Very good, curiously serves his Ramen a little sweet but the place is a welcome oasis. 

Leeside Hotel, New Bedford Road. 20 minute walk or use a cab.

Great chef in this independent hotel and the food is very good. Chef is into what he’s doing and they have great steak nights, Mediterranean, and even some Asian offerings. You’ll be fine if you have to entertain for business. The bonus here is that most of the staff are great.

Papa J’s Indian Tapa’s, Wellington Street.
Very good Indian tapa’s and it seems very popular.

The Grosvenor Casino, Park Street West.
Open 24 hours, Newly refurbished so quite a pleasant atmosphere. Food served till about 1am and a full bar service till 3am. Decent chain pub level of fayre.





Were also surrounded by the usual suspects when it comes to fast food. Lots of chicken, some Lebanese, Pizza’s and Chinese of course on Chapel street alongside a 24 hour top up shop. Beer, snacks and milk.

All the best. Mark