Fly Like A Pro

Fly Like A Pro:
1. Eat Right – Prevent or minimize jet-lag by eating carb-rich foods. Opt for warm over cold foods for easy digestion.
2. Drink Water – Hydration takes the top priority when air travelling – drink up!
3. Say No To – Caffeine and alcohol – both stimulants and dehydrators. Drink decaf green tea instead.
4. Go Light – Wear loose clothing and/or layers
5. Comfort First – Neck pillows for a better sleep. Scarf for warmth and even lumbar support. Eye mask to help with jet lag.
6. Stress Free – Bring headphones/earplugs to cancel the noise. A power pack for more air time!
7. Insider Tips – Choose window seat for more room and privacy. Sit by the wing – less turbulence.
8. Keep Moving – Exercise Tips: lift your feet off ground and rotate feet, keep your heels on the floor and point toes and roll shoulders forward and backward. Do these every hour to keep your body relaxed and in motion!