Do you love your guests and customers?

Well do you? Puzzled, having to think about it for a while. Is it a flat no !!

One of the greatest lessons I ever learned in hospitality and life was from a belligerent, Brit

bashing chicken wing stuffing work shy. But I learned it, I learned it well and I always give

him the credit for it.

I was operating an Irish Pub business over sea’s in blue collar town Canada and was to say

the least a little frustrated with the characteristics of our clientele. The difference between

selling Guinness in a different place than Scotland where I had my first very successful Irish

Pub was immense.

The place looked great, I installed a great Irish manager, the bands were very good, and the

early staff were a challenge but poured the Guinness properly and danced on the bar for

added excitement at the weekends. The clientele however would mostly nurse one pint if

that some times and then be leaving in their droves by 10 o’clock. For anyone who knows

anything about Scotland you’ll know pints are never nursed, rarely drunk in the singular and

the pubs don’t empty till closing time after a rush for last orders.

So back to my chicken stuffing work shy. I was lamenting my frustrations late one night in

this gentleman’s company when he exclaimed “you don’t deserve to do well, you don’t even

like your customers”. I was a little dumbstruck at this remark, but he was right.

I took this remark to heart eventually and I looked at things, especially my customers very

differently. I operated Patrick Sheehan’s Irish Pub in St Catharine’s Canada from 1999 to late

2004. It never was a huge financial success but it was an amazing business. As time went on

the staff were great, the chef was great and the clientele amazing. For those years I became

part of the area and friends with some of the most talented and down to earth people you

could be lucky enough to know. I’ll never forget them and at my last visit last year after

changing hand’s a couple of times Patrick Sheehan’s is almost identical to how I left it.

If you’re in Hospitality or any people business for that matter, and you’re serious. You must

ultimately love your guests and customers. There is no other way to do it properly.