Looking for group accommodation in Canterbury?

Whether it’s for group accommodation, or private accommodation in Canterbury, Finding My Palace can help. If you’re looking to house engineers, builders, carpenters, site managers, or IT workers, value accommodation in Canterbury is available.

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The Finding My Palace team are available 24/7, so you and your workers can relax in the knowledge that there’s always someone available just a call away.


Our team always ensure a smooth check in to your teams accommodation and that everything is in order as expected with our properties.


From flats and studios to premium apartments, our extensive property portfolio provides competitively priced accommodation for your group bookings.

With fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms and comfortable surroundings Finding My Palace provides great short stay accommodation at great value.

50,000 room nights booked in the last 12 months!

We can source competitively priced accommodation for your group bookings.
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The historic city of Canterbury has plenty to offer, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From the breath-taking Canterbury Cathedral, the imposing walls of Canterbury Castle, to exploring the city on foot with a guided walking tour, take your time to discover this wonderful city.

With museums detailing the history of the area; The Canterbury Tales where the work of Caucer is brought to life; a variety of shops, restaurants and bars, there is something for everyone.

Whatever your reason for requiring group accommodation in Canterbury, your contractors will have a memorable stay.